About Craft


Craft can be defined as an intellectual and physical skill or ability to create an unique object from various types of materials. It is a broad term that can mean different things to different people. In most cases, craft objects are considered to be one level below fine arts although in reality, craft objects are sometimes difficult to distinguish from artworks which is why craft is often referred to as arts and craft.

Craft can be either a profession or a hobby. People who live from creating craft items are referred to as craftspeople, while those who create different kinds of unique objects by using many different materials and techniques for pleasure or additional source of income, or both are usually called hobby or amateur craftspeople although their products are not necessarily inferior to those created by professionals which can go as far as selling quality contract garden furniture and classic style bedroom furniture.

Objects made by craftspeople have a wide range of uses and can be either decorative or functional, or both. One of the finest examples of craft is woodworking that continues to play an important role in the world or arts, design and construction. Woodworkers either work on their own or for larger companies creating a long list of objects including furniture, toys, decorative items, musical instruments, boats, houses etc. In fact, the list of objects that are created by woodworkers is virtually countless just like the type of wood and techniques they use. Wood can be divided into hardwoods and softwoods that determine both the final product as well as techniques that used for creating wood objects.

Wood is not used by woodworkers only. It can be also used by people who are not skilled in woodworking for pleasure or practical purposes, or both. For example, making a bird feeder or house can be both fun and practical or crafting special gifts that will be treasured. Like most types of other crafts, woodworking also enables parents and grandparents to spend quality time with their children or grandchildren, respectively, because it enables them to create an unique object and have fun at the same time. In addition, crafting helps children to develop their cognitive and physical skills as well as encourages their imagination and creativity.

Craft has been shown to stimulate creative thinking and development of special skills depending on the type of crafts as working with different materials and making different objects requires development of different cognitive and physical skills. For that reason craft has become a very popular tool in education because it enables kids to learn while having fun. For example, while creating animals from pipe cleaners children or stunning nail art kit together with ideas taught about different kinds of animals that live on a farm, or teach them about shapes while having them creating squares and pyramids out of clay or plasticine. In addition, craft has been show to stimulate children’s self-esteem because they feel good about themselves when being able to create an object from scratch.

The benefits of craft are not limited to children only. On the contrary, the adults can benefit from engagement in crafts as well intellectually, emotionally, physically and even financially because creating any kind of objects is very relaxing and helps relieve stress, and can eventually even become an additional source of income if making unique and high quality items.