SEO Guidelines

Ethics and best practices in SEO world

There has been long debate recently on practicing the ethical SEO. Many companies who are known to be the experts in SEO had led to confusion about the ethics and best practices of SEO.

The major confusion is all about how the search engines rank the sites. Every search engine has its algorithm which gives value to a particular site and the algorithms are quite complex too. The search engines keep these algorithms as a secret for many reasons. The SEO works towards knowing about these algorithms and try to find out how they work so that accordingly they can modify the websites and rank them.

If you ask any 2 SEO experts to answer the questions as what are ethics used to obtain top results and you will of course get two different answers. Hence people cannot agree on what is actually ethical and what is not ethical.

Firstly as an SEO company should focus on priorities of their clients and responsibilities that they have towards their client. An ethical company will always be respectful and loyal for their clients.

If we move with a professional approach we can switch to the guidelines of search engines. All major directories and search engines do publish their own set of guidelines for the webmasters to use. This should be actually the basic thing that a SEO company should follow when they work on a client’s website. Search engines have all rights to protect the morality of the results and SEO practitioners are expected to respect the specific guidelines.

One SEO professional follows the terms and comes to a result which is quite different for another professional. SEO practitioners are categorized as black hat and white hat.

White hat are those who practice SEO while they follow the guidelines of search engine and black hat use unethical techniques for SEO wherein they consider search engines as enemies. Black hat techniques can have a bad effect on the website wherein the site get blacklisted or banned.

Black hats play with the emotional needs of the clients and ask them for money for which they never give them clear information on what they are going to do with their websites. Normally black hat practitioners never reveal which techniques they are going to use. Black hats are a bad practice for businesses the search engines says that these unethical techniques can be a threat to their website and business.

White hat practitioners incorporate designs that are friendly with search engines and thus clients get positive results through ethical method

Well the best idea of SEO should be focusing on client needs rather than thinking about ways to manipulate search engines. SEO who works towards making the site better can SEO better results in the end and can give their clients results that last long. The SEOs who focus on playing tricks and games with search engines get negative results in the end. If SEOs concentrate on making sites better and follow the rules of algorithms led by search engines, then that would be the best SEO practice and results will be amazing.

Good SEO firms share the knowledge of SEO willingly. They do not hide anything from search engines or clients. They are confident about their specialized skills and they take the pride of their work. They get positive results through perseverance and hard work. They are about that how to make SEO work and it takes time. They know that their hard work will pay and they will get good feedback and praise from their customers. What matters for them is customer satisfaction and they just don’t run around playing tricks with search engines. You can keep the following things in mind to avoid hiring SEO practitioners who can put your website into trouble

  1. Only work with a firm that follows the guidelines of search engines. The three popular search engines are Yahoo, MSN and Google. You can check their websites to know about their guidelines.
  2. Only work with a firm that show you documents where they have mentioned about the SEO process they are going to carry out to rank your website.
  3. Only work with a firm that gives you a written contract stating their SEO process and costs.
  4. Short list minimum 4 proposals for your website and then compare services and costs before you decide on anything.
  5. Avoid working with the companies that promise top rankings. It is not possible to offer such guarantees.
  6. Do not bind yourself to a contract that you find it difficult to get out of if you end up not getting results.
  7. Ask for some references and cross check those references. In case you have any doubts you can ask again. Check the sites they provide you have contact details.